Citation Links for Search Results

Citation links are important for your search rankings. However, many people commonly mistake what citation links refer to, and it is important to be aware what they involve so as to maximize the potential you can get from them in terms of visibility.

First of all, citations and links can be seen as being similar to each other in that they are both forms on online references which typically appear on the classifieds sites so as to then lead to your site. They can exist on the same classified advert and have a similar weighting. You also need to appreciate that just as they can influence your rankings positively if you go about them properly, they can also impact it negatively if you do not do it right. So some basic knowledge on how to go about links and citations is recommended for best results.

Besides being similar to each other in those respects, they differ in various ways. For starters all citations need to be consistent, and they basically affect rankings in local results, not in organic search results. Also, citations, unlike links, do not necessarily have to be clickable. A citation, does however, need to include the business name and address, as well as a contact number.

Remember that links and citations are primary considerations for Google when it decides the ranking positions assigned. So citations and links can really be considered as a small advert in itself and they will certainly improve your local rankings. The more citation links you have, the bigger the chances that you will be getting people seeing them, and in turn, getting in touch with you, or visit your website through them.

A common question people make with regards to citation links is how many should one have? There is no set answer to this question as there are various considerations that affect the answer to this question, however, as a general rule of thumb it is not really about the number, but the type of keywords that you want to rank for. The more competition there is for those keywords, then, the more links you are going to need in order to hope for outranking. The number of citation links also varies from one business to another, and on the size of the business. Just to get started, it is recommended to have some 30 links along with another 30 citations.

Try to see results after a period of time so as to see where your site is ranking, and act accordingly thereafter. Having said that, it is useless to have such citations on low quality sites, such as spammy sites. So it is ultimately truly a matter of quality, not quantity. You may also find it helpful to use tools that can be of assistance in auditing citation links. Make sure to make the most of citation links for search results as they can truly change your online visibility and success if you do it right!