Post Free Ads in United States

For some posting classified ads may sound rather old fashioned. However in reality free ad posting sites are still as popular as they used to be. The chances of selling a product or service after posting it on one or more free classified sites are quite high, especially if you post it in the right category or categories, with good photos and a sound description. It is important that you choose a classified site that has a solid reputation so that many visitors can get to see your free ads. The better that site ranks, the higher the chances that there are many visitors browsing through the ads.

A good way to start posting free ads in the United States is to check out which classified sites have a good Alexa rank. Some of the best include Craigslist, eBay, Postadverts, Adpost, OLX, Backpage, Gumtree, Oodle, and Hoobly.

Thanks to free classified sites, anyone can be a successful seller. There is nothing to it, other than registering on such sites, and start posting the ads. This is the cheapest possible way of promoting your business, or even of setting out on the road of establishing a business. In fact many newbie sellers made use of free classified sites to start off a small business as they could use them as a base to promote whatever they had to sell, as well as respond to any buyers who got in touch with them and complete sales.

There are some things to bear in mind if you want to be successful when posting free ads in the United States. First off you should never be put off by the fact that yours will just be one ad among millions of other ads. The fact is that it will be there, and it is as visible as all the other competing ads. The most important things to remember are:

– Writing a great ad title – the title is very important when posting a free classified ad online. The title needs to be compelling and encourage one to click on the ad so as to get more information on that product or service. Bear in mind that the title is the first thing one gets to see, and it is going to be visible in the lists of the category where you placed the ad, the search page and other key areas. The title should not be too long. Rather, it should be short and sweet and as creative as possible. Including keywords in the ad title is also of the essence. This will not only let people find it more easily, but also increase the chances that your ad comes up whenever a user searches for something related to it.

– Product or Service Description – be as informative as possible without ending up making the ad too long and tedious for one to read. Use simple words that are easily understood, and try to include keywords. Any details such as key features, color range and measurements may be important for certain products so make sure to include them if you feel a prospective buyer will be interested to know them.

– Photos – adding photos to your classified ad is very important, both to make the ad more visually appealing, and also to deliver a good idea what the product you are selling is all about.

– Expiry date – some sites impose an expiry date on classified ads. Be aware of it so as to reactivate your ads.