Post Job Ads

Traditionally people looking for a job used to buy the newspaper in the hope of finding a classified that could be an ideal vacancy for them. Nowadays, although job ads are still published on newspapers, you are more likely to find a job ad online. Besides it is simpler and cheaper too.

Employers have got used to posting job ads on free classifieds sites. It is a known fact that these sites are visited by thousands upon thousands of people every day, and so they will be in a position to reach out to a very large audience in an affordable and effective manner.

Over the years, there have been several job posting sites that did not remain free. So one had to pay in order to post a job ad on them. But there are still sites that allow you to post for free. Indeed, for instance, is a free job posting site that is really popular in the US. Other sites such as Glassdoor and Learn4Good allow you to post for free for a limited period of time. Other good free job posting sites include JobiSite, Ladders, and FlexJobs.

There is certainly nothing to lose as an employer to post job ads on free job posting sites. High quality prospective applicants visit such sites just as much as paid job boards. Thus, free classified sites can be an integral part of your staff hiring strategy, especially if you need to hire new employees regularly. And as it is all for free, you are gaining both in terms of exposure as well as affordability.
When posting a job ad, it is important to bear some key factors at the back of your mind. The title matters a lot as it is the first thing a prospective candidate will see.

The introduction should be poignant, where you also include details on your organization, and then start ‘selling’ the post that you are trying to fill. You want to make this post sound as attractive as possible in order to attract good quality candidates to apply for it, but you also need to be truthful. Making a job sound too good could lead to drawbacks. You do not want an applicant to feel disappointed within the first few days of starting, only to leave shortly after. You would end up having to start all over again, and with the added expense of having trained him/her for nothing. In the job ad make sure to be clear on the job requirements, as well as the application process.

If you are a person looking for a job, such sites are a godsend for you. You will be able to check out many different job ads every day. New job ads are put up every day, at all times of day, and so you can check daily and further increase your chances of finding something that may be really suitable for you. There are going to be many job ads to browse through, and so you will be able to compare and contrast them to each other in terms of job requirements, location, working hours, and other key factors. This will make things much easier for you, while also improving your chances of finding the right job.