Help Guide for placing ads on

To achieve the first page position on Google for your Ad, will depend on your keyword competition and your Ad Title. Should you be targeting a hugely competitive Ad title/keyword, it will prove challenging. You should consider an ad title, which is not so competitive within the google search results. has a high domain and page authority. Additionally, the site has a high trust and citation flow, whereby ads rank quickly for the Ad Title and Description within all international Google search results.

The reason user ads rank highly on is because unlike many classified sites, we delete junk ads, which are bad for search engine positioning. Ads posted, which include money, loans, copy and paste job opportunities, drugs, etc, within the ad title or description are automatically deleted as these are considered toxic. Additionally, we immediately ban the users email address to prevent these types of posters coming back with the same junk ads.

The website leverages sub domains for all major countries and is hosted on Amazon with a load balancer with Cloudflare a (CDN) Content Delivery Network. This basically means, the website loads fast no matter how many users are on the site 24/7 and within all corners of the World.

The title of your Ad is critically important for any search position on Google. This should hold the keywords for your product or service, which you are selling or promoting.

Depending on your target market, you may wish to add a City or Town to your listing titles as this can help with Googles geolocation targeting for local search results.

So how to place an ad, which will reach page one of Google?

Let’s review a current example on the UK website.

Here we have an ad, whereby for the search keyword term on Google is

Acrylic Nail Courses Gillingham

The search position is Page 1 with Listing Position 2.

There are many posted ads on for the search title term, which feature on the first page of Google within their relevant country.


.1 Select Category, the ad must be placed within the correct category.
.2 Select the type of ad Private or Professional/Business.
.3 Title. make sure you have unique and descriptive page title. The page title should not exceed the recommended 50 to 60-character limit.
.4 Description. Write your description of the product or service you are selling.
.5 Complete the form and add some cool photos.

Its absolutely essential, that the ad you place is not a copy and paste of the same ad that you have placed on any other website.

Ad’s posted must have unique titles, descriptions and photos.

Placing the same Ad Title and Description on other websites, will have a huge negative impact within Google search results and your Ad will automatically be penalized and rank nowhere of relevance on Google. Nor will any of the same ads, with the same content, which are posted on other websites rank within Google search results. The posting of Ads with the same title and description within multiple locations will downgrade ALL your Ad positions within Google. Mix it up and change each ad title on all ads with unique content or you will be wasting your time.

Don’t be lazy!

You will simply be diluting all your Ads and the whole idea of generating enquiries for your business will prove to be a waste of your management time. All ads that you post must have a unique Title and Description. Poor quality SEO agencies often copy and paste the same ads for their customers. They have no duty of care to the clients that they represent, as they get paid for each ad posted. In the meantime, they are simply damaging their customers online presence. Check that your business does not have your same ads blasted and sprayed like confetti across the internet.

One uniquely written and Posted Ad on the right website, like Post Adverts will bring about more enquiries than the same copy and pasted ads on hundreds of classified websites.


Google HATES duplicate content. You will be damaging your own business.

Lets suppose you create an ad with the title

french bulldogs for sale in ohio

and you submit the same ad via copy and paste to several classified sites. Each ad will have a SERP (search engine results page) several pages deep. In other words, your ad will not show on any website within the first few pages on Google.

Now lets suppose you create an ad with the unique title and post to 1 x site.

french bulldogs with blue eyes for sale in cleveland, ohio

You now have a good prospect to land within the first page of Google, as this title is unique and not been posted on other websites. Most web users only click within the first 3 pages on Google. Do you want to be lazy or do you want customers? Rewrite every single Ad title and description when posting to multiple online websites. Additionally, try to write a broad ranging listing title, which is not so competitive, should your proposed title have zillions of monthly searches.


Should you have your own website and wish to create a high DA and PA backlink for your Ad, then create the keyword anchor text correctly.

Lets suppose you have placed an ad to promote your lighting website.

Lets suppose, you own this site, which is online here.

Suppose you are a new site and wish to be found on google for the keywords.

ceiling lights
wall lights

You add your description as per the photo.

Then you simply need to select the relevant keywords as your anchor text.

We highlight the relevant text say ceiling lights.

Then we select the link button and a box appears.

We then add the relevant link to our website relating to say ceiling lights and click OK.

The ad then updates in blue and is underlined to reflect your keyword anchor text.

When the keyword ceiling light is clicked it will take the user to your website and webpage relating to ceiling lights.

Paid Upgrades

Its worth considering upgrading to an annual link. Your Ad will remain on our homepage for 12 months, which is valuable.

When your Ad expires after 30 days, they are automatically dropped / deleted by Google within their search results unless immediately reactivated.

The 12 month Listed Ad, has a much better chance to reach the first page of Google.