Top Sites to Post Free Ads

Free classified sites are great for selling practically anything imaginable. With dozens of different categories and sub categories to organize the listings, and sellers that range from local people trying to sell used items, to business owners, you will find everything and anything. There are certain sites that charge you to post ads, but sites that allow you to post free ads still remain the most popular.

There are many benefits to posting ads on such classified sites and numerous reasons as to why you should do this;

– First and foremost, it is for free. You have nothing to lose monetary wise at all!
– You will be able to publicize your business or brand and make it more popular and visible
– You will have search engine traffic for your site or blog
– You can build backlinks to your main website if you have one, and the more popular the classified site is, the stronger the backlinks are going to be

To stick to this last factor where we mentioned the site ranking, it is important to mention that this really matters. Some free classified sites are more effective than others simply because they have a better ranking. These are the top sites to post free ads onto, because you are going to gain more in terms of exposure, visibility, and backlinks. They have a high Google PR, and Alexa Rank, and they are visited by many visitors. Among the top sites you will find the following, which are very popular and do well in those respects:

– Craigslist
– eBayclassifieds
– Oodle
– Classifiedads
– Adpost
– Locanto
– Hoobly

All of these classified sites are popular online, and they have good rankings. So apart from having many visitors possibly clicking on your ad, you can have many of them be directed to your site, effecting a purchase or getting in touch with you. As a seller this is definitely a boon for you.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer looking to buy something in particular, you are going to benefit from the vast range of ads at your disposal on these sites. All this is just a click away, as you sit comfortably at your computer in your home or office, or even while you are using your smartphone or tablet. You have thousands of sellers offering products or services that you might need or be tempted to buy, and you can easily compare them to one another, check prices, and make a good buying decision without having to go to dozens of shops located here and there.

The top sites to post free ads listed above are not the only ones as there are several others. The internet is literally full of such sites, and so there is no limit to the amount of ads you can post as a seller, or to the classified ads you can have access to as a buyer!